Jenny on 92.9 KAFF Country Radio

Jenny | Mornings 6a – 10a

Jenny is a radio pro! That means she has a license to be a fast-talking, quick-witted, hysterically funny personality! Ok…she doesn’t really have a license, but she doesn’t need one, it just comes naturally for her! It’s KAFF Mornings with Jenny, join her for “Jump Start Trivia”, “This Just In”, “The Music City Pulse” and “Stuff Ya Need To Know”.



Jeff on 92.9 KAFF Country Radio

Jeff | Afternoons 3 – 7p

Second to radio (of course), Jeff is a self-professed TV junky and loves to share how much he knows about the latest gossip on TV shows, Hollywood, and Movies…in between all the great music of course. When Jeff’s not on the radio and not watching TV, he’s surfin’ the web to find the best viral videos for you to watch. Be sure to follow Jeff on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest videos.

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Kix Brooks on 92.9 KAFF Country Radio

Kix Brooks | Sundays 12p – 4p

Who better than one half of legendary duo Brooks & Dunn to bring you the latest and greatest from Nashville with American Country Countdown. Kix is there…he knows the artists and tells you all about it, in detail, every weekend on KAFF.

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