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Cody & Vicki | Mornings 6 – 10a

It’s KAFF Mornings with Cody and Vicki with your exclusive chance to win tickets to the best country concerts in Arizona and they’ll keep up to date on the all the latest with the stars of Today’s Best Country mixed with the latest news, weather and community events; KAFF Mornings with Cody and Vicki is not to be missed.

Cody is Northern Arizona and Hollywood all wrapped into one. After a couple successful years in Hollywood honing his skills in basket weaving and blindfolded improv, Cody is back in the afternoons on KAFF. Catch up with Cody each weekday for the latest in Country Music, what do in Northern Arizona, local news and weather and the Ride beginning at 4:30p with at least 60 minutes of non stop music.

Vicki brings captivating, hilarious, and everything in between energy to the KAFF Mornings Infused with her positive force and perspective on life, she has lead the Shadows organization as it engages in serving families in Arizona and promotes a unified voice to help those less fortunate in our community. You can reach out to Vicki with any community event through her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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Scott Fisher | Afternoons 2p – 7p

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Kix Brooks on 92.9 KAFF Country Radio
Kix Brooks | Sundays 6a – 10a
Who better than one half of legendary duo Brooks & Dunn to bring you the latest and greatest from Nashville with American Country Countdown. Kix is there…he knows the artists and tells you all about it, in detail, every weekend on KAFF.

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